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Server Hosting

This solution is for small to medium sized businesses that wants more for less. It is completely customizable and cost effective. Whether or not you have your own internal IT or trying to do it yourself, nothing beats having someone manage the hardware for you. Having your own server is costly, with small businesses having to pay $3,000+ just to get started and not having enough to effectively do the job. With our base package of $100/month (starting), it will save you money. You will not have to do the upkeep of physical servers and replacing parts when they go bad.

Look at the FAQ below to see if having a hosted server is worth it to you.

Why should I go with a hosted server solution instead of buying my own servers?

In simple terms, you do not need to provide upkeep, maintenance, and upgrades to keep the server(s) effective. Also, you can save money on electricity and cooling. Lastly, you will save money by not having to buy any hardware and is cheaper year by year than having your own.

How do I know that my data will be safe?

Your data we remain safe both physically and virtually. Your data will be kept behind locked doors with security at the forefront of my mind. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will be established to your site, and or computer(s). Your data will never be sold or ransomed by me, and you will have redundant off-site backup in the event that an employee accidently released a virus or ransomware on your virtual network, flood, tornado, and or any other act of nature destroys the server. 

Will my data always be mine?

YES!! It's your data! At the end of the term, should you choose to leave. Your data is yours to take with you.

I'm not really IT savy and I don't understand this stuff. Can you setup and manage this if I did do this?

Absolutely! Not everybody can or wants to do this. You shouldn't have to stress over every little detail as you just want to run your business. I can definitely setup and manage your servers. I will go as far as making the different User Accounts and PC enviorments.

What can I do with your servers?

Anything you business needs. Active Directory, print server, group policy, application, virtual machines for your employees to connect to, file server to store your business data on, ect.

How much does this cost?

That totally depends on your business needs. Base price starts at $100/ server/month. Also, it will be based on what level of service you need. At base, I will provide you blank servers with the operating system of your choice (I do not buy the operating system or any licenses). At max, I set up your server, manage updates and packages, security policy, manage renewals, and ticketing solutions. But given the rest of my services that I offer, I can literally build and maintain your business from the ground up. So we will need a consultation to provide you a quote.

How do I reach you if I have an issue or need something?

You can reach via a variety of ways. By my Facebook page, chat feature on my website, text, phone, and through the preferred way a ticketing system. Upon signing the contract, your business will receive a way to place tickets to me to fix issues and make changes.

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